Web Analytics Setup

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Hi, Make Google Analytics Work For You!

Really, get to know how your customers interact with your website!

Most of all Businesses spend hundreds of dollars getting customers to their website & then they drop the ball.

  • Do you know where their visitor’s mouse clicks are?
  • Or what is the flow of the customer’s interaction on your web-site as they migrate along with the pages?
  • Ever wonder why you have all the traffic and no form submissions on your website?
  • Does Missing lead on what most customers are looking for?

Now you have an answer!

I will make Google Analytics work for you insanely.

I will help you add the required codes to your website exactly & you will have rich all your website data that will answer all your customer activity-related questions.

  • Now, what customer events can be tracked through your website traffic?
  • All the most important clicks customer makes including time & page
  • How many most important events occur with time & page?
  • Get to know what interests your valuable customers more!
  • And finally, Non-Interaction clicks that have no business value, to use your budget more effectively!

My offer, Google Analytics will activity start working for you!

Have any queries? Please contact me freely & let’s have a chat.


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